We build companies and invest with a strong entrepreneurial approach

Our Business Focus

  • BridgeMaker

    BridgeMaker is a company builder that leverages the power of corporates with the speed and disruption of serial entrepreneurs. Find out about BridgeMaker

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  • Global Media House

    Global Media House is building and scaling market leading media platforms such as globalo.com, newsgreen.com, filminside.com, motozation.com, newscase.com and investing in cutting-edge technology solutions with strong AI focus.

  • Lumaland AG

    Lumaland is an e-commerce holding in the home and living industry with major brands such as Lumaland, Möbelfreude, belsonno, and more stores. We build and invest exciting e-commerce players.

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  • WAOW Global Ventures

    With WAOW Global Ventures, we invest in early-stage start-ups leveraging innovative technologies in Silicon Valley and in funds focusing on selected university investments, e.g. Stanford as well as in funds focusing on social entrepreneurship generating high impact in emerging countries, such as Endeavor. Our global venture investments are industry-agnostic and long-term oriented.

  • Diet Code

    Diet Code is a multidisciplinary development studio located in Bangalore and Goa, India. Diet Code specializes in developing products for the mobile ecosystem & Web platforms using the latest industry standard selected tools.

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The Team


  • Wanja S. Oberhof

    Founder & CEO

    Wanja S. Oberhof started his first Company when he was 15. Since than he started and invested in more than 30 companies, from renewable energies up to AI bots. He is the founder and owner of WAOW entrepreneurship a privately held investment group. With WAOW which stands for We Are One World, he aims to change the world to better by supporting entrepreneurship all around the world. He serves WAOW as CEO.

  • Ahmet Yalçin


    Ahmet Yalçın brings 25+ years' experience in Management Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Reengineering, Venture Capital as well as various Strategy and Technology-related initiatives in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA. He was Managing Partner for Accenture in Germany and Middle East and Partner at Golden Horn Ventures. He serves WAOW as an operational Chairman.

  • Uwe Klöck


    Uwe Klöck brings 20+ years’ experience in Sales, Marketing and Advertisement. He is Shareholder of Conteam:Gruppe and sold his Agency Webguerillas to Gruner & Jahr. He serves WAOW as Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer.

  • Ingo Schiller

    Non-Executive Director

    Ingo Schiller is Managing Director at Hertha BSC and Boardmember at the German Soccer League (DFL). He brings 20+ years’ experience in financial engineering and has worked with all kind of financial instruments. In 2015 he convinced KKR to invest in Hertha BSC. He serves WAOW as a Non-Executive Director.

  • Janosch Sander


    Janosch Sander brings 10+ years’ experience in Software Development and Project Management. He co-founded app agency Sander & Spak in 2009 and later niiu (now newscase) in 2012 and Diet Code in 2013. He’s now running Glow Technologies and serves WAOW as CTO.

  • Jessica Kuhla

    Operations Manager

    Jessica Kuhla is the left and right hand of Wanja S. Oberhof. She is knowledgeable in the fields of project management, product management, customer service and office management. She is highly motivated, enthusiastic, authentic, always smiling and happy and serves WAOW as Operations Manager.

  • Alexander Hertrampf

    Head of Finance

    Alexander Hertrampf brings 10+ years’ experience in finance and controlling. He is passionate about the fields of financial planning, analysis, and corporate finance. He sets up the accounting and controlling for new businesses and serves WAOW as Head of Finance.

  • Leonhard Schloerb

    Business Analyst & Developer

    Leonhard G. Schlörb holds a B.Sc. in International Business Administration with focus on renewable energies from the SRH University Berlin. He brings 3+ years experience in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance and Business development. He serves WAOW as Business Analyst.

  • Moritz Hardieck

    Business Analyst

    At the age of 17, Moritz Hardieck co-founded a vintage-car investment fund. Since then, his entrepreneurial focus lies in developing tech & health solutions, mostly for VCs. Moritz joined WAOW to expand his direct involvement in a variety of businesses and to connect new markets & products. He serves WAOW as business analyst.

  • Violetta Zöller

    Head of Recruiting

    Violeta Zöllner studied business psychology in Heidelberg, Hamburg and Bangkok. She then worked for company builders in Berlin and San Francisco. She brings 5+ years experience in recruiting and serves WAOW as Head of HR.

  • Zozan Bilkay


    Zozan Bilkay holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the European University Viadrina. She brings experience in Finance, Accounting and Tax. She serves WAOW as Manager for Accounting.

  • Pia Körber

    Manager for PR, Event & Investor Relations

    Pia Körber studied Mediamanagement with a focus on PR and Communication in Berlin. Then she worked for Companies in Stuttgart, Wolfsburg and Los Angeles. She brings 4+ years experience in PR, Communication, e-Commerce and Event management. She serves WAOW as a Manager for PR, Events & Investor Relations.